April 29th, 2013


Сотворение Адама и Летающий Мозг

Есть мнение, что на знаменитой фреске Микеланджело "сотворение Адама" та странная структура, в которую заключен Бог  с херувимами, представляет собой изображение человеческого мозга.
Как вы думаете, может ли сходство быть случайным, и если нет, то что хотел этим сказать художник???

Raphael and Michelangelo, like Leonardo, performed numerous cadaver dissections to expand their perspective in sculpture and painting. More than fifteen years ago, Meshberger noted how the ‘Creation of Adam’ represented in the Sistine chapel (Figure 4), shows God surrounded by a drape that has the shape of what he believed to be the sagittal section of a human brain.
Starting from God’s hand and proceeding anticlockwise, it is possible to recognize a fold in the cape that would correspond to the Sylvian fissure; then the cherub’s right thigh represents the optic nerve, the right knee the transacted optic chiasm and the right leg the optic tract. The same cherub’s left bifid foot and leg take the shape of the pituitary gland with its stalk. The flowing green robe at the base corresponds to the vertebral artery as it describes a genu before entering the foramen magnum. The back of the angel below God represents the pons, while the angel’s hip and leg continue as the spinal cord. The interpretation of this scene given by Meshberger is that God, in the process of creating Adam, gives him the gift of ‘intellect’, symbolized by the brain
Источник: Paluzzi et al., 2007. Brain ‘imaging’ in the Renaissance // JOURNAL OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY OF MEDICINE. V. 100. P. 540-543.